Digital Landscape

We live in a world guided and enhanced by our digital innovations. Our work, education, shopping, and even our personal relationships are integrated and formed through our digital landscape. The metaverse will soon become an omnipresent tool in our daily lives.

Technological Innovation

A canvas of potential, the metaverse has become another tool in innovating our lives. Advanced tools can create whole new worlds and dimensions for you to explore. Limited only by your imagination, anything can become a reality in the metaverse.

Increasing Potential

Free from the restrictions of traditional experiences, your customers, visitors, colleagues, and peers can experience your vision anywhere in the world. Offer them the opportunity to immerse themselves into your goals and future through your metaverse solution.


The metaverse is not just a new technology but a way of life. You need to customize your metaverse and take your innovative ideas, goals, and visions and bring them to life for the enjoyment of all. Explore a new world and never before seen dimensions, and bring your strategies to life. 

Through a customized mobile platform offered you will have a base audience potential of 6.8 billion mobile and VR users. You need a guide to the future and ensure you have a place in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Mobile Users

VR Users


Immersive engagement tools such as the metaverse and augmented reality-based applications are the future of visitor experiences spanning a wide spectrum of markets; from art and culture to real estate, from university tours to hotels and resorts. Providing new opportunities to individuals and institutions alike, your visitors take on an active role in their exploration and discovery of your offerings, both new and old. Forming stronger and longer-lasting emotional connections. The metaverse expands the learning component and NFTs expand the interactive engagement with your visitors around the world.


Not everyone owns an Oculus Quest or Gear VR. But almost everyone has a smartphone. Sometime in the near future, the number of Head Mounted Units will catch-up to the number of smartphones, and your Metaverse needs to be ready to migrate to those devices. In the next five years, you need your visitors to experience the immersive world through a democratized mobile platform.

Through your visitor’s device or one provided by your organization, your visitors can experience everything the metaverse has to offer. As a fully immersive solution with 360-degree views, avatars and NFTs your customers are free to explore the vastness of this customized infrastructure through movement and active participation. Transport your customers to this fully immersive world and let them engage, connect, and discover all the unique features of your metaverse. 

Increased Audience

Multi-system compatibility

Accessibility Features

Customized Resources


On the same platform, users of mobile metaverse can immerse themselves into a custom-built metaverse infrastructure that is curated to your vision and goals. This delivery method allows the new you to be available to the masses without incurring a significant investment on behalf of your organization or visitors. 

A mobile application is also compatible with a locally available augmented reality solution. For visitors who visit your organization, this application can immerse your visitors in new dimensions that can only be seen and interacted with through the power of an immersive engagement platform.

Active Participation

360 degree vision

Fully Immersive

Customized Resources



Do you have unanswered questions? Do you want to learn more about a metaverse application in your field/industry? Request a presentation and get all your questions answered by 3rdi executives.


Meta-i, our metaverse and augmented reality application combination allows for multisystem exploration. This design promotes the exploration, discovery, and play of customized immersive dimensions. Explore the new dimensions made just for you.


Use your mobile or tablet devices to transport yourself to this new and exciting dimension. At the click of a button or swipe of your finger, you can interact with the environment and explore all that it has to offer.


Encouraging active participation through tokens and awards, your customers can engage, connect, and discover all of the customized resources and easter eggs embedded into this new dimension.


Through fun and exciting games, quizzes and surveys, your customers can compete with friends and peers, collect tokens, and invest in their very own NFT collection.


Our virtual reality interface offers fully immersive exploration, discovery, and play through active participation in this brand-new world. Move around and explore every corner of our world.


The more your customers move around, the further they can explore. Opening worlds through active participation, your customers are awarded for their engagement and curiosity. 


Travel to the four corners of the world and experience what you have always wanted to see. From visiting a world heritage site to experiencing an industry conference talk, your customers can go wherever and discover whatever they want. 


Encouraging exploration, your customers will encounter fun and exciting games, quizzes, and surveys. Compete with friends, collect tokens, and purchase prizes and NFT collections from our embedded marketplace.


Customize your customer’s experience by adding and updating features, removing and modifying content, and tracking your customer’s experience through our canvas builder. Integrated with our artificial intelligence design, your wish becomes a reality at the click of a button.


We develop, maintain, and support your team and application and give you the freedom to customize what matters most. Controlling and managing the experiences of your consumers enjoy gives you the freedom to customize your messaging, strategies, and tactics and ensure your vision and goals are met.


Giving you the freedom to choose what digital overlay resources you use to communicate your story and ensuring your company message gets across in the most fun and interactive way.


Design, create, and explore your metaverse world as you envisioned it with our unique fully-customizable drag-and-drop design tool. From metaverse infrastructure to intricate features and digital overlays you have the control to create what you want how you want.


Subscription and Passes

We recognize that each organization requires unique support and services. Curating an optimal approach for your organization, we provide you with all of the benefits of an immersive experience provider while being transparent and flexible with your needs, wants, and restrictions.


Tokens & Games

Through fun and exciting games, quizzes, and surveys your customers are awarded for their continued participation. In exchange for their engagement and discovery of your new metaverse solution, your customers receive tokens that they can exchange in our embedded marketplace.


NFT Collections

In exchange for tokens awarded through your customer’s active engagement and discovery, we offer the chance to purchase curated NFT collections.


Access your third eye, and explore the possibilities and capabilities of our customized metaverse, augmented reality, and canvas platforms.

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