3rd-i is more than a tech company. We are your ally as a new and exciting digital era is moving in. Taking the pressure off you, we carry the weight of customizing unforgettable experiences on the metaverse. Through our team of software engineers, creative design teams, and our state-of-the-art proprietary software, we provide you with the highest quality immersive solutions. Our solutions are curated and designed to encapsulate your vision and goals. From content creation, to content delivery, to content support – we’re here for you.


As younger generations continue to strive for more active roles, our digital landscape is constantly innovating. Creating new engagement, connection, and discovery tools for the art and culture, education, event, and eCommerce market segments. We provide accessible, immersive solutions to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic factors. Eliminating disadvantages around the world one solution at a time, we bring faraway lands, topics, events and more to the homes of your audiences.


Revolutionize how visitors engage, connect, and discover art and culture.

Immersive engagement tools such as the metaverse and augmented reality-based applications have taken over the art and culture market. Providing new opportunities to artists and institutions alike, your customers take on an active role in their exploration and discovery of the art and culture world, both new and old. Forming stronger and longer-lasting emotional connections to the art, culture, and heritage that make us who we are today.


Transforming how students learn and interact through the versatility of immersive learning.

The past three years have deprived more than 1.2 billion children of a traditional education experience. With the rise of innovative online learning platforms and techniques, we have realized that traditional does not always mean the best. Metaverse and augmented reality platforms allow you to travel vast distances to explore unique landscapes, topics, and classrooms from your home.


Transporting visitors to new worlds and dimensions.

For some, the Covid-19 pandemic turned what was meant to be the happiest day of their lives into chaos and stress. The pandemic disrupted every fabric of society, from weddings to industry events. Learning and adapting to it, many of us took non-traditional approaches to connect with those close to us. The metaverse allows you to interact, share, and contribute.


Adapt to the age of interactive purchasing.

Going beyond online shopping, the metaverse allows customers to reinvent what is possible. No longer can companies stand to rely just on their physical and online stores, but they must adapt to the expectations of the modern customer. Provide them with an active role in engaging, disseminating, and building long-lasting brand loyalty. Use the power of the metaverse to enhance the experience of your future lifelong customers.


Join the future and become a partner today!


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