Immersive engagement tools such as the metaverse and augmented reality-based applications have taken over the art and culture market. Providing new opportunities for artists, museums, art galleries, and heritage sites to connect with their audiences like never before. No matter if you want to showcase something new and exciting or old and traditional, your audiences will form stronger and longer-lasting emotional connections, form relationships with institutions and artists, and appreciate the art and culture of our society.


The younger generation demands more to connect with art & culture, and this market needs innovation to attract and keep this untapped audience coming back for more. Consumers of art, culture, and heritage are expecting an active role in their experiences, and immersive solutions, such as the metaverse and augmented reality applications, are providing the answers. 

Brought to you through one application Meta-i you can manage, curate, and develop your metaverse for a whole new world and dimension. Expanding what is possible without interfering with your institution, our customized art and culture application encourages active participation from your customers through exploration, discovery, and play. By providing your audience with an active role, you create lifelong supporters who share their experiences with the world. Keep your visitors coming back for more and give them the Meta-i solution.


With more and more art, culture, and heritage audience members expecting immersive tools and, more importantly, active participation, art and culture institutions are progressively adapting to meet the needs of the future. It appears that industry leaders and organizations are migrating away from the old traditional technology options and are instead looking to immersive experiences in the shape of metaverse, augmented reality, and virtual reality solutions. While much of the future is unknown, the art, culture, and heritage markets are sure to adopt this new and exciting technology worldwide.


The most predominant example of this trend toward immersive solutions comes from the Van Gogh Experience by Fever Labs Inc.. Designed to allow visitors to step into Van Gogh’s work, this internationally acclaimed exhibit brings visitors closer than ever to this beloved artist’s life, creations, and history. 

After opening in 2017, news quickly broke of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Attracting more than 5 million visitors so far, customers saw the experience as an opportunity to have an active role in the creation of one of our world’s most extraordinary and troubled artists. 

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