Going beyond online shopping, the metaverse allows brands and customers to reinvent and reinforce what matters most to them. No longer able to rely solely on physical and online stores, brands are looking to form community environments of like-minded, brand-loyal customers. With customers coming to expect more curated experiences that not only sell products they are looking for but, more importantly, share the story and values of the brand they are invested in, companies must adapt to the needs of their present and future customers. 


The metaverse encourages not just the sale of products but more importantly an opportunity to create a community of customers who share in your values. Reinforcing their brand loyalty without marketing from your team, the customers that join these communities are more likely to form long-lasting relationships with both peers of this new community and your brand. Share the story of your brand and company and let those who share in your vision of the future an opportunity to move forward with like-minded consumers. 


With customers searching and favoring companies and brands that offer immersive experiences, the future trend, especially regarding the young generations, seems to be confirmed. Companies can no longer rely on product sales and reputation for their success but should look to providing their customers with a community. With a projected market cap of 800 billion by 2024, the eCommerce industry will continue to gain momentum and potential with the integration of metaverse communities. Let those excited by what you offer join together and watch as the younger generation, the consumers of our future economy, become loyal customers for life.  


The most prominent example of this branded metaverse community comes from Nike and the 2021 launch of the Roblox-hosted Nikeland. As the first of its kind, Nike sought to meet the needs of its customers through the introduction of branded lounges, games, products, and, most importantly, an environment for their customers dedicated solely to the discussion and appreciation of all that Nike has to offer. With a large foundation of loyal customers, fanatics from around the world can engage with peers and company representatives as they discuss the story that has made Nike what it is today. 

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