With over 1.2 billion children deprived of the traditional school experience due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many have considered online and immersive education experiences a replacement. From visiting a museum to exploring to complexities of a STEM science topic, metaverse and augmented reality solutions provide opportunities to students to have an active role in their education and have become an omnipresent tool in our educational industries.


Shifting from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional learning environment opens new opportunities and possibilities for students. As a new way to learn, metaverse and augmented reality solutions use interactive digital overlays such as 3D models and multimedia animations to help encourage critical reflection, understanding, and exploration of subjects and topics. Stimulating a branch of education that is rarely encouraged in traditional settings, our immersive solution is the perfect opportunity to reach, encourage, and inspire visual learners. Let your students feel and interact with the topics of your study, and let them have an opportunity to explore this new kind of learning.


While the pandemic has been difficult for many of us, and a tragedy for others, it has still taught us many valuable lessons in adaptation and resilience. While the pandemic significantly affected many students and teachers, it has also taught us that online and interactive learning are worthwhile options to explore for the future. With students becoming increasingly disconnected from their education, immersive solutions have become a new trend. As it stands today, the metaverse will surely be the tool of choice for support staff and teachers as it offers all of the characteristics of online learning with the added benefit of social interaction, relationship building, and community forming through students’ online presence across the globe. 


Since the beginning of the pandemic, a significant amount of immersive educational tools have been available on the market. Virbela’s metaverse classroom services can provide realistic, traditional educational experiences on the metaverse. With conventional teaching tools and interactive elements available to teachers, this solution offers a classroom feel while gaining the bonus of tools made only on the metaverse. 

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