There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of our lives. For some, it turned what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives into chaos and for others it canceled long-awaited trips and family gatherings. From weddings on the beach to industry conferences and panels, the Covid-19 pandemic challenged our very way of life. Adapting to this unprecedented change in our lives, non-traditional approaches such as metaverse and augmented reality solutions began to dominate this industry. More personal than any other medium, the metaverse brings the event to you.


No longer limited by time, space, or travel restrictions, audiences around the world can engage with peers and colleagues on a personal level. Adapting to these innovative approaches the potential of your audience, the impact of your conference, and the sharing of ideas will be unquestionably larger. With an estimated starting audience of mobile and virtual reality users coming in at 6.8 billion devices, you can get your message out there fast and to a larger audience.


Corporate events, private parties, and small family gatherings, events on the metaverse are becoming the new reality. In the same way, as our younger generations look at the iPod, the future of the metaverse holds the same fate; it’s omnipresent.


With award-winning companies like Dmodern launching corporate metaverse events, the trend of the future seems unambiguous. Using a fully customizable platform users can customize their avatars, play games, and attend talks and various trade shows, along with an innumerable audience. Engage with your surroundings and connect with your peers – the metaverse is here.

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