Delivered through mobile and head-mounted gear, we offer a fully immersive, three-dimensional experience where your customers can explore, learn, and form lasting memories. Designed with accessibility in mind, we offer the convenience of a single application that is unique in its cross-compatibility. We curate every aspect of the experience, from infrastructure design, activities, interactive digital overlays, navigation features, and marketplace to fit your vision and goals. Our goal is to provide your customers with a truly unforgettable experience that is fun, exciting, and, most importantly, meeting the expectations of open, active participation experiences.


Our augmented reality application is built on the foundations of feature point recognition, sub-element recognition, object detection, and image classification sorting. By scanning a point of interest, our machine learning and computer vision algorithm can detect, with more than 95% accuracy, what you are looking at, what of the seven resource types are associated with that point of interest, and seamlessly provides your customers with an instant expansion of dimensions. Accompanied by various digital overlays that encourage engagement, connection, and discovery of your company, your customers are free to explore the stories that make you who you are. No matter if you are inside or outside, the world made available through augmented reality expands what is possible. 


Providing an opportunity to translate your imagination to the canvas of creation. Linked to our application platforms through proprietary artificial intelligence software, we provide a unique and intuitive drag-and-drop formula for creating metaverse and augmented reality infrastructure and digital resources on Unity Engine. You can publish content at the click of a button, add media to our embedded marketplace, and make adjustments on the go with this one-of-a-kind immersive experience builder. 


Making what we do possible, our proprietary artificial intelligence software is linked to our Canvas to provide seamless transitions from idea to reality.

Recognizing changes, adapting or removing content and features instantly, and constantly learning and suggesting improvements, our artificial solution is responsible for bringing your goals, vision, and future to your immersive experiences. The benefits of constant verification analysis ensure your application runs as efficiently as possible in its design and performance. This proprietary software is also responsible for the link between our platform solutions and the canvas builder.  Recognizing changes, adapting or removing content and features instantly, and constantly learning and suggesting improvements, our artificial solution is responsible for bringing your goals, vision, and future to your immersive experiences. 


Providing you with all the opportunities to monetize your solution, we also include an embedded marketplace with all of our immersive solutions. Using your own prizes and 3rdi curated NFT collections made possible through trusted industry standard blockchain authentication, your customers can be awarded, collect, and share the accomplishments of their participation.


As a bonus, we offer eight possible digital overlays on both our metaverse and augmented reality solutions. Working with your team, our creative designers are here to help you reach your vision and goals.


Audio technology has long been a part of our digital landscape. Using the latest narrative construction techniques, we design audio tracks that will engage your customers. No matter the industry or application, audio is a valuable tool for immersive engagement. 


Images, like videos, are vital tools in creating lasting memories. Used as a tool to illustrate your organization’s passions, images have the unique capability to grab your customer’s attention and form strong bonds between your customers and you. 

3D Models

For those who want to understand how something works, 3D models are vital to providing visitors with a visual learning experience. No matter the subject, 3rdi can provide educationally driven 3D content for all ages to explore.


Videos are a great way to immerse your customers. From demonstrating a complex idea in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to a corporate video, 3rdi’s team of creative designers will create a video that fosters a sense of wonder. 


While text may seem like a basic function, it’s one of the critical forms of communication. In conjunction with other resources, such as multimedia animations, we use text to make your customers think critically and drive curiosity.

Multimedia Animations

Using our custom-built 2D and 3D multimedia animations, you can further engage your customers and create experiences they cannot forget. As a tool for education, multimedia animations can express abstract concepts, reinforce contexts, and, most importantly, encourage participation from your customers.


Gamification is one of the most useful engagement strategies for young generations. We provide the tools to foster customer engagement through games and quizzes by rewarding them with collectible tokens tracked on a public leaderboard. 

By trading tokens for custom-built themed NFTs or exploring the 3rdi-designed immersive environment, your customers can collect and own NFTs. By rewarding customer participation, your organization will form true and lasting relationships.


From the very beginning of a partnership, no matter the service required, 3rdi strives to provide you with the highest quality of support possible.  Our solution is run and maintained by 3rdi but controlled by you. Through continuous updates and maintenance of the application and server, upgrading our technology, and 24/7 client support, your issues become our issues. We are not just a tech company but your partners and an extension of your team here to serve you. 




Access your third eye, and explore the possibilities and capabilities of our customized metaverse, augmented reality, and canvas platforms.

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